YouTube Vlogmas Watch List | Blogmas Day 9

15 Days to Christmas

Need something to do while waiting for summer? Check out these creators on YouTube. My favorite ones to watch are posting everyday till Christmas, so not only do you have some catching up to do – but you now have something to look forward to everyday till Christmas!

YouTube is my favorite escape. Sometimes more than normal TV. Peaking into someones life is simply indulgent. It is like watching reality TV, but less staged. Seeing how people do certain things or the routines that make up their day can inspire changes in your own life. All the people I watch are majorly inspirational entrepreneurs who are young like me, wanting to live life to the fullest.

Vlogmas – Creators posting videos everyday until Christmas

Fit Vibes? Nikki Blackketter

Couple Goals? MoreZoella + PointlessBlogVlogs

Positivity Overload? RemLife

Lifestyle Goals? SamanthaMariaVlogs



Winter Wanderlust | Blogmas Day 8

heat is nice, but Christmas time calls for snow

My greatest Christmas time travel dream is to adventure through NYC during the season. The movies have sold me on New York City during Christmas. I wouldn’t mind travelling to snowy places either…The French Alps, Iceland, Slovenia and Prague are all beautiful places on my list for Winter Wanderlusting!



The French Alps









Travel to all these places + share my experiences…



Christmas on a Budget | Blogmas Day 6

In the following post, I explain how to budget/organize your holiday time in the categories of gifting, dressing, cooking, and timing.

How to…on a budget

  • Gifting
  • Dressing
  • Cooking
  • Timing


  1. Make a list of all the people you actually want to buy a gift for
  2. Consider the amount of money you want to spend in total
  3. Think of how much they are worth to you and put a price you a willing to spend beside their name
  4. Search for something said person will actually like
  5. Buy
  6. Wrap


How many get together thingys are you attending?

Are the people going to be the same people or are they different groups?

Base the different groups on the # of outfits you actually need

Buying a pricey pretty outfit is justifiable by the amount of wears you can divide the price tag by


Focus on finding other people who will cook for you ie your family during the holidays to keep your stress as low as possible


If you are single – do whatever makes you happy

If you are attached to a SO, divide time appropriately and compromise fairly


Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Work | Blogmas Day 5

In the following post, I am going to give you ideas for relaxing, food, novelty and basic secret Santa gift ideas for work.


Lush – they have a category for gifts under $30!

  • Gift Box – The Night Before Christmas (to encourage sleep) YES?
  • Gift Box – Sweet Christmas (sweet smelling things) YES?
  • Gift Box – Deck the Halls (3 festive baths) YES?


Books! Canadians have Indigo as a go to for cooks.

  • General Food Lover? F*ck, That’s Delicious … see it
  • Festive Vibes? Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Cookbook … see it
  • Health Freak? Oh She Glows Box Set … see it


UO is HQ for this…

  • Hippie? Hands Incense Holder Set! BUY IT
  • For a witch…Piratical Magic Kit! BUY IT
  • What the hell should I get…One Question a Day: A Five-Year Journal By Aimee Chase! BUY IT


  • Money $$
  • Gift cards $$
  • Alcohol @@



I have a sweet tooth…Enjoying the Holidays| Blogmas Day 4

In this post, I am going to talk about overeating, body image/acceptance, and listening to your body. And to fit in with the Christmas vibes right now, holiday eating + not regretting it before, during or after!


Do you ever get home and just have no self control? Like you are staving + eat everything in your path?

I do and have for a long time.

Long enough for me to come to terms with the whole situation.

I have justified these outbursts with my body needing more calories on that given day. Majority of my eating life I am able to stop. Eat enough to satiate and stop to not over eat. But, some days there are those moments when I need to have a bit of everything.

Do you do this?

Started when I was in high school – coming home from school and devouring the fridge and cupboard.

I would regret the hell out of this shortly after, actually even when I doing it some times.

Body Image

My body image is motivated by the time of the month. I may be crazy, but I feel like my body look different literally everyday. My tummy is more puffy some days and my face is skinnier some days…

It is healthy none the less, I have the ‘I look fat/feel fat’ days and the ‘I want to wear a bikini right now’ days like everyone.

Acceptance is key.

Love is key.

That is why when I come home and need to inhale a crap load of food, I do not feel bad.

Listen to Your Bod

My body needs more and I am going to take care of it. Our bodies need nutrients to keep it going. As a woman, I understand the rollercoaster ride our bodies go through with hormones and know our moods/hunger are based on such hormones. Hearing your tummy growl or feeling thirsty are the basic triggers you need to realize. After that, start exploring and documenting when you crave certain foods! Even google why you are craving such foods – usually it has to do with a deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral.

Holiday Eating

So it is Christmas time, for me that means get togethers and baking and eating more than the normal calorie intake. My POV? Enjoy! Do not regret eating all the yummy foods that come along with this time of year. Why? Because they are mostly only around this time of year! So indulge – love life and your body.

There is no reason to say no to a homemade cookie…

(unless your are allergic to an ingredient – duh).



Christmas Gifts for Men | Blogmas Day 3

Men are hard to shop for…the ones I have dealt with aren’t vocal about what they specifically want. In fact, the response to the question:

What do you want?

gets answered with

Nothing really…

the hell?

How do you want absolutely nothing? So now you have me asking for specific things so I am satisfied on Christmas morning and you are all high and mighty saying you want nothing?!

The process of my figuring out what to buy…

  1. Listen
  2. Disect
  3. Buy

Listening is huge! For anyone gift buying. If they won’t tell you what they want, they will mention things randomly. For instance, your man loves video games and constantly says he wishes he can yell at the people when playing online. Bingo! Buy a headset with a mike.

Ideas for your men? (Dad, bro, guy friend, hubby, bf…etc.)

  • Shaving apron because their face hair goes everywhere and you deal with the aftermath + other shaving stuff

  • An electronic maid – turn on this/turn off that – echo, alexa, google home…guys love tech sh*t

  • Clothes (ones he will actually wear!)
  • Phone case?
  • Wallet?
  • Novelty fun stuff like UO vibes


Plan of Attack for December | Blogmas Day 2

plan of attack = goals

…how I am going to do something bigger and better than before.

December 2017

2 areas of goal making – personal and blog


  • give 110% at my day job
  • show appreciation for the people I love
  • spend time with the ones I love
  • give without expecting to recieve
  • stay positive


  • write from the heart
  • be real
  • focus on what makes me happy
  • post every single day until Christmas (promising 25 consecutive days)
  • promote/market when I want to – not because I should to increase views

As a matter of fact, Blogmas and all the bs that comes with it – is an experiment. Posting on a daily basis should increase views, lets see. My demographic is the same as the bloggers and vloggers who say they are demanding Blogmas, so the obvious thing to do is piggy back on the idea.

How am I going to maintain my brand image while doing Blogmas?

Posting only sh*t that interests me in regards to the topics I choose! (duh). I am not going to write about ‘Gift Ideas for Random People’ or ‘The Greatest Ever Blah Blah Recipe for Whatever’. Not to say these are boring, but if I do not need to buy for Jimmy WTF am I creating a blog post about it. Ok, maybe I will share a recipe – but trust me there will be no essay leading up to the actual ingredient list/instructions.

As a matter of face, I have organized the following 23 days so well- you can check out my Blogmas Day 1 where I list all the posts to come…

That’s all, now it is time for you to either share this gem or subscribe with your email in that box on the sidebar so you never ever ever ever miss a post by me.




Searching for Clicks | Blogmas Day 1


During the month of December – bloggers and vloggers post everyday leading up to Christmas.


Constant posting will increase the probability a creator will be noticed. Therefore, blogmas = searching for clicks = hopefully reaching the audience you want for the rest of the year. How? Well, you have the wonderful, pretty blogs who have curated their images and words to reflect their perfect lifestyle brand.

For Regrets & Goals, Blogmas means real sh*t. Acknowledging the reality of money, time and stress level when it comes to baking, gift giving, escaping, etc. Thinking about the regretful failure stories we have been told, and realizing why in the hell would we put ourselves in that position?

This is why I am doing Blogmas:
1st Christmas on Regrets & Goals.
I have stories.

This is what I plan on posting for the next 25 days…a basic google search of blogmas post ideas lead me to these ideas…

DECEMBER 1 – Searching for Clicks | Blogmas Day 1
DECEMBER 2 – Plan of Attack for December | Blogmas Day 2
DECEMBER 3 – Christmas Gifts for Men| Blogmas Day 3
DECEMBER 4 – I have a sweet tooth…Enjoying the Holidays | Blogmas Day 4
DECEMBER 5 – Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Work | Blogmas Day 5
DECEMBER 6 – Christmas on a Budget | Blogmas Day 6
DECEMBER 7 – Christmas Vibes in a Small Apartment | Blogmas Day 7
DECEMBER 8 – Winter Wanderlust | Blogmas Day 8
DECEMBER 9 – YouTube Vlogmas Watch List | Blogmas Day 9
DECEMBER 10 – How to meal prep | Blogmas Day 10
DECEMBER 11 – Be Positive| Blogmas Day 11
DECEMBER 12 – 5 Tips When Working in Retail During Christmas Time | Blogmas Day 12
DECEMBER 13 – Best Christmas Movies | Blogmas Day 13
DECEMBER 14 – Going the extra mile…| Blogmas Day 14
DECEMBER 15 – Making a list and checking it twice…| Blogmas Day 15
DECEMBER 16 – Santa, Baby? My Christmas Wish List| Blogmas Day 16
DECEMBER 17 – Christmas Cookie Recipes | Blogmas Day 17
DECEMBER 18 – Dear Diary…| Blogmas Day 18
DECEMBER 19 – Being Thoughtful | Blogmas Day 19
DECEMBER 20 – 2018 in 10 Days | Blogmas Day 20
DECEMBER 21 – Christmas Quotes| Blogmas Day 21
DECEMBER 22 – Christmas Wrapping | Blogmas Day 22
DECEMBER 23 – Last Minute Gift Ideas| Blogmas Day 23
DECEMBER 24 – My Christmas Traditions | Blogmas Day 24
DECEMBER 25 – Christmas 2017 | Blogmas Day 25

Did it work? I will post a blog insights post analysis thingy on December 26!

x Diana

Creating and Influencing

I started this blog back in September of this year…focused on gaining views and growing a community. By doing so, I lost sight of who I am as a person. Honestly, it is amazing how all the influencers out there who keep it real. How are you not tempted to focus on views and likes?


Maybe they do, but keep that side private. Think about it. You have someone as cool as Casey Neisat. Someone who doesn’t care about what others think and just creates content because of his primal need to story tell. People gravitated towards him, share and grow his reach because they appreciate his raw ability to be an entertaining creator.

Influencing is something I do on a daily basis. My day job forces me to coach and motivate others to work as a team for an overall goal. Trying to influence the world is different.


Your favorite influencers motivate different aspects of your life because of their personalities.

The question is – how am I going to accomplish this?

  • Being true to myself
  • Sharing only good vibes
  • Maintaining a positive attitude towards all regrets and goals

On all my platforms…the plan right now is to share my favorite things and ideas. When watching other influencers, I realize how people love learning and picking up tips from others. We all figure out how to make life easier and more enjoyable for ourselves.

We all figure out ways to make our lives easier & more enjoyable.

That is how I plan to be successful in life.

sharing  + attracting by influencing + creating

x Diana