3 Tips for Creating Content for Views and Shares

good question

As a new blogger, this question is important for content creating. Once you have determined your niche and target market, the next step is to think of posts that will motivate others to share so you can grow as a blogger. In the following post I share my answer to the question, along with answers from other bloggers, and conclude with a summary of 3 tips for creating content for views and shares.

my answer

Aesthetically pleasing blogs, please. The layout and theme of your blog is reflective of you, the creator. Therefore, I am creating my own blog to be clean and organized. With this, I look for inspiration form other bloggers who have the same style. These are the ones I am willing to subscribe to and share with my social media followers.

what makes you read a blog post and share it?

The content and if I find it relevant to something that I am working on.

Alissa Koritsoglou

I think an effective title and how beautifully its post’s starting lines are written.

Er Amber Anand

If it’s relevant to me, or if it’s entertaining that I want me friends to see.

Karla Obispo

its all about adding value to the niche you specialize in . Noone can be everything for everyone, but if you are good at what you are passionate about, you can be “all that” for ENOUGH (readers) 

Vidar Halvorsen

The Content in the blog will pull me to read it..
Coming to think 💭 of y I would share the blog🙄 I guess I ll relate it to a consumer who buys a product, if that product satisfies him or exceeds his expectations then hill ll refer his circles to use it.. positive word of 👄 mouth.. in the same way if the blog am reading 📖 is informative, meets my expectations, am highly like to share that blog.
😊thinking out loud

Ibrahim Brian Binyamin

I’m more inclined to read something with a punchy title or picture that catches my attention. If it’s something I can relate to, or it’s funny and makes me laugh then I’ll often share it.

Rebecca Helen

Good causes

Wendy Stokes

If its related to my interests. Sometimes nice presentation also helps to interests me to read.

Shillpa Gajendra Panndeshwar

tips for creating content for views and shares

  • Focus on your niche
  • Attention grabbing
  • Aesthetically pleasing



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