30 before 30

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30 before 30 is a list where people basically create a bucket list for the things they want to accomplish before the age of 30. My twenties so far have been exciting and every year sets out a new chapter of my life. I have graduated university, moved out of my parents house, bought a car, and traveled out of the country by myself. This year I am turning 24, so basically 6 years left to complete these goals.

What do you want to accomplish in the next few years? Use my list for inspiration! Write your own list down somewhere and go back to it when you are feeling unmotivated. This way when you reach that milestone age, you can look back and realize all the amazing adventures you created for yourself! Because the only person you can count on is yourself.

the list – 30 before 30

1. Go to Europe
2. Buy a home
3. Successfully side hustle
4. Become a manager
5. Go on a Mom and daughter and sister trip
6. Pay off my car
7. Road trip/cross country
8. Go to Hawaii/ATV/Explore
9. Buy a Le Cruset Pot
10. Always say YES to adventures
11. Skinny dip
12. See the Northern Lights
13. Learn Italian
14. Learn Portuguese
15. Learn how to ski or do something in the snow
16. Get lost
17. Full moon party – Thailand
18. Inca Trail
19. Rio Carnival
20. Get engaged
21. Gamble in Vegas
22. Buy a place in Europe
23. Australia
24. Mykonos
25. Travel diaries
26. Walk the floor of the Grand Canyon
27. Grow my hair long and keep it long!
28. Iceland
29. Go to that igloo pretty place from the Bachelorette
30. …marriage?


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