5 Cheap Winter Date Ideas

Cheap winter date ideas because you need to save money and valentines day is coming up.

1. drive to a town you have never been to before

Adventures are always fun and even better when you are exploring with the person you love. Pick a random cute town, drive out there together and explore. If you do not drive, take transit! Road tripping forces you to talk and learn more about each other. Listen to music and just chill.

2. see who is the better gamer

Go to an arcade and set your limit, buy the tokens and go crazy like two kids. Run around, set bets and give the loser a kiss.

3. walk in a pretty [high end] neighborhood

Bundle up, go to a nice neighborhood, park, hold hands and walk. Depending on how long you have been dating, this is the perfect time to dream about your future together. Top it off with sitting on a bench like a cute old couple cuddling and looking into your future.

4. I’ll have fries with that

Some people may thing it is cheesy to go to a fast food place for a date, but really does it matter? It is actually a treat if it is not the norm (and of course you do not need to go to an unhealthy fast food place). The fact that you do not need to get dressed up and you can just chill together takes off pressure that is inevitable when going on a date. I do not like hyping up dates.

5. create a fort, and …

Make a fort together like when you were kids. Get some tumblr vibes going with pretty little lights and a bunch of sheets draped above you. Watch a move and cuddle. I need to do this!

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