5 Lifestyle Bloggers I Discovered

Exploring the internet, looking for inspiration for lifestyle blogging, I came across 5 lifestyle blogs.

Yasmine Brahimi

Vancouver lifestyle influencer. Fashion, travel, lifestyle, blogging. Yasmine is a successful blogger with an engaged audience and experience working with over 35 brands. Exploring her website inspires you to think about the possibilities to improve your own personal brand.


Miss in the Midwest

Beauty, style, living. Karly is the writer behind this blog. She has an extensive About Me page where you can learn all about the who, what, when, where, why she blogs. Beautiful images are spread all over this blog! Gorgeous blog layout.


College with Caitlyn 

So this one is divided into blog, books, college (career and study abroad), fitness, and lifestyle (fashion, favorites, love & boys, my life, self growth). She is the self proclaimed "mom" of her friend group and uses this platform to share her advice with the world.


Living Flawless 

A travel, fashion and beauty blog. Focusing on the categories of skincare, makeup, DIY, and reviews. Roshni is the author and she strives to share her insights on everything lifestyle.

living flawless

Styling with Sheila

This blog focuses on fashion and beauty. Good vibes, style inspiration and product reviews. Sheila is a model, actor, blogger, model coach, fashion entrepreneur...All these aspects of her life allow for impressive posts regarding her passions.



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