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Acceptance: Break Ups and Moving Forward


Life is dynamic, changing based on an infinite amount of variables. Some changes are so easy to accept and others take heaps of courage to comprehend.

A relationship starts off beautiful and exciting, positively moving forward – creating memories and enduring what life throws your way. Then the fights begin, the name calling and finger pointing.

Respect is lost and you need to make a change, but how? when?

The arguments get louder and more hurtful, you realize you lost that beautiful and exciting feeling. You are maybe not going backward, but you are definitely at a standstill.

Ending anything is scary, the normal comfort you had for so long ends and you have to deal. No running away from the flashbacks, the good and bad memories.

Maybe there is still love, but love is not enough. Love does not stop us from causing pain. We hurt the ones we love the most. The expectation is an unconditional acceptance, but in reality we have limits and if someone blows it – change is inevitable.

You do not know what you have until it is gone…that is when the acceptance factor comes in to play.

Mourning the loss of a person who is still alive is hard to accept, the coping mechanisms vary from healthy to self destructive.

How do you move forward, leaving a person you thought was going to be with you for life?

  • remember the good
  • remember the bad
  • say a mantra – my future is filled with love, I am worthy, my heart is open for new experiences

You learn how to live again, doing your own thing, following your own heart and motivations.

On this new journey, you accept the future and focus on the positive changes you are experiencing due to the beautiful disaster that was your past relationship.


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