5 Lifestyle Bloggers I Discovered

Exploring the internet, looking for inspiration for lifestyle blogging, I came across 5 lifestyle blogs. Yasmine Brahimi Vancouver lifestyle influencer. Fashion, travel, lifestyle, blogging. Yasmine is a successful blogger with an engaged audience and experience working with over 35 brands. Exploring her website inspires you to think about the possibilities to improve your own personal […]

Small Kitchen Food Staples

Living in a basement apartment with minimal storage space for food forces you to evaluate what is necessary and what is not. Non negotiable needs in any kitchen… Fats – butter and oil Salt + Pepper Milk (dairy or non, w.e you need) The following are my kitchen, fridge and baking essentials. Pantry essentials include […]

Vegan Risotto

Ok, so I was inspired by the blog Healthy Slow Cooking – Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Macaroni (a.k.a Vegan Mac + Cheese). My recipe is broken into 2 parts, (1) Slow Cooker/Vegan Cheese making (2) Risotto making. Does the vegan cheese in this recipe actually taste like cheese? No, but it creates the creamy ‘cheese’ […]