How to motivate yourself on “off” days

I am learning how to use affirmations to create focus within all aspects of my life. These are 5 affirmations to help us motivate ourselves on "off" days.

"Off" Days - those ones when you wake up on the wrong side of the bread. Nothing goes your way. Your hair looks like crap, you have no clothes that fit right, you burn your breakfast and just want to crawl back into bed before you even leave to start your day...

I enjoy challenges. I take them head on and win over them.

Everything is a challenge. The next step you take challenges your mental and physical strength. Some seem more extreme than others, however you fail to realize all the sh*t you have been through to get you to this point to be able to face this challenge. Every day is like you are leveling up in the game, are you going to win or die trying?

I think of only positive things and positive things happen in my life.

This sounds so airy fairy, but what if saying this to yourself works? When you think of the worst case scenario, you are creating that thought and putting it into the universe. What if we all lived like those people in our lives who are not phased by anything. You know someone like this. The person who is always chill no matter what is happening around them because they know everything will be just fine. The bad things happen for a reason and the glass is always half full with a chocolate cake flavor milkshake.

I know I make a difference and I try my best to help others.

The fact that you are reading this means you at least have access to the online community of people all around the world. No matter how close or far, you have the ability to help someone. Helping doesn't just mean giving money. Helping is free and I like to think even just making someone smile during their hectic day is helpful enough.

The only option for me is success.

Powerful. Think about this. The only thing in this world stopping you is you. YOU are the spaz who freaks out and gets mad over something worthless, YOU are the one worried about not being ready, YOU are the one...[insert a time when you stopped yourself from being successful]. Focus on all the power you hold! Your ability to be resourceful and create the life YOU want!

Motivation comes to me from inside. I am my own motivator.

Oh yea. I am and you are yours. Why did you think of that goal? Because you wanted to achieve that. As long as it is all legal and the intentions are always positive, keep working! Reevaluate when you fail - NEVER REGRET!

*All affirmations were found on this url.

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Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox

what brings me joy?

This is the question I have started asking myself to detox all aspects of my life to prepare for a more productive future.

not all social media is toxic

You control who you follow and what you see. Therefore, you can make social media as clean and positive or dirty and negative as you want! We scroll through our feeds like we are being paid, but do we really realize what we are consuming?

inactivate or delete, and see what happens next

When detoxing your body in regards to food, you stop eating something you think is bad for you. Like gluten. Then you reintroduce the item into your diet and see how your bod reacts. Do you get a tummy ache or feel normal? Well, this is how you detox from social media. I looked at all the apps that I have…


Thought about the BS I follow and expose myself to.

Snapchat brings me no joy. Not even the random Khloe in Cleveland posts.

Instagram brings me joy – memes and food porn. What is something of a struggle are the Instagram models that as a normal shaped girl, it is easy to get lost in comparison. Check out this post by the blog Coming Up Roses – HOW TO BEAT THE COMPARISON GAME ON INSTAGRAM

Tumblr brings me joy because I am basic and I like to get inspired by #tumblrvibes. Of course there is some dark, negative stuff on there – but I make it a point to not follow that.

Facebook brings me no joy. I have it just because. No personal posts to keep my family and friends updated with my life, no stupid shared articles that I think my friends will enjoy…just for the facebook page I am running for this blog.

Pinterest brings me so much joy! Recipes, home decor, quotes, wanderlust inspiration…I can get sucked in for hours and not regret a moment.


No more Snapchat for Diana. Facebook just for blog use. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are my indulgences. These social media sites bring me joy. My next step is to cleanse who I am following on each app. Clean up the toxic accounts that appear on my feeds and keep it strictly postivity and good vibes.


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Regrets and Money

Is it better to live with regrets and FOMO or a healthy bank account and no memories?

Think about how you live. It is either the eff it, YOLO when you are making decisions or it is the Mr. Krabs - I smell my money being spent vibe.


Popular song with a basic, but important message. The mindset we want to have always. Live like Drake, buy w.e and do w.e because we only live once so why waste it on worry? This is the impulsive side where we book that trip, buy the shoes and splurge on the most expensive dish on the menu. Bank account is suffering, but your social life and overall happiness is healthy.

Mr. Krabs

Remember Spongebob? Mr. Krabs was the owner of the Krusty Krab and he loved money. The 'Mr. Krabs' mindset loves money and will hoard it just in case. This is the hermit side where we stay at home, alone. Bank account is healthy, but your social life and overall happiness is not.


What is better?

Maybe it comes down to a healthy balance. You know like the one you need to learn when it comes to cookies vs. veggies. We do, only live once. So is it better to have FOMO and regrets in missing out or debt and regrets in going too far?

Every stage of our lives will be categorized by the amount of fun and adventures we go on, the status of our love lives and the careers we are working on.

The level of abundance in all the areas will vary as we age.

I am 23, turning 24 this year. Looking forward to the next decade of my life, I have created a list of 30 things I want to do before I am 30. In the past year, I have learned the value of money and choice of when/where to spend. Understanding, I can afford anything, not everything. Some months, money is spent on my car. Some months, I feel the need to splurge and buy some new clothes. Every month I need to have some spending money for pampering myself.

5 Lifestyle Bloggers I Discovered

5 Lifestyle Bloggers I Discovered

Exploring the internet, looking for inspiration for lifestyle blogging, I came across 5 lifestyle blogs.

Yasmine Brahimi

Vancouver lifestyle influencer. Fashion, travel, lifestyle, blogging. Yasmine is a successful blogger with an engaged audience and experience working with over 35 brands. Exploring her website inspires you to think about the possibilities to improve your own personal brand.


Miss in the Midwest

Beauty, style, living. Karly is the writer behind this blog. She has an extensive About Me page where you can learn all about the who, what, when, where, why she blogs. Beautiful images are spread all over this blog! Gorgeous blog layout.


College with Caitlyn 

So this one is divided into blog, books, college (career and study abroad), fitness, and lifestyle (fashion, favorites, love & boys, my life, self growth). She is the self proclaimed "mom" of her friend group and uses this platform to share her advice with the world.


Living Flawless 

A travel, fashion and beauty blog. Focusing on the categories of skincare, makeup, DIY, and reviews. Roshni is the author and she strives to share her insights on everything lifestyle.

living flawless

Styling with Sheila

This blog focuses on fashion and beauty. Good vibes, style inspiration and product reviews. Sheila is a model, actor, blogger, model coach, fashion entrepreneur...All these aspects of her life allow for impressive posts regarding her passions.



Creating Alone Time

Creating Alone Time

Find your space, gather the things that make you happy, relax. Growing up forces you to go through things that lead to extra stress. Whatever it is and where ever you live, realize you need to find the time and create the space for you to decompress and refresh.


Pick the space you love and feel most calm in. Whether that be your bed or the bath tub, think about where you are able to decompress the most. And literally set a date for yourself to enjoy yourself. It is that whole self love vibe.

Why do we do things for other people and neglect ourselves?


Basic things create that calm space. Candles. No matter what you need candles or some sort of pretty twinkly lights. Look at these inspiration pictures to figure out what you need to gather to create that space for your alone time.

[all images were found on tumblr + posted to my personal tumblr]


Now, actually do it. Run the bath, crawl into your bed...and enjoy alone time. Time where you do not think about the stresses of life. Forget about the things you need to do next, and just do nothing. If you cannot think about nothing, think about all the good things happening in your life.

Say some affirmations as you zone out...

  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am successful.
  • I am centered, peaceful and grounded.
  • I love and treasure my body.

Like this? Check out these...

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My Favorite Love Story

My Favorite Love Story

Have you heard of Casey Neistat? He is married to this girl Candice and they are couple goals. Watch these videos by Casey to see why I love these people and the idea of what they represent.

See we all know relationships are hard, but we only get to experience the shitty up and downs in the relationships we have direct contact with. Like your parents or friends parents or whatever. Casey shares reality = comfort. Comfort we need when we are struggling and dealing with things when you are in a relationship.

These are two people who found each other and no matter what life has thrown their way - they make it work because of nothing less or more than love.

I hope this makes you smile.


1 Thing I Cannot Live Without

1 Thing I Cannot Live Without


Why? Because of what it represents.


A routine allows you to feel ok. To justify life and why we exist. Because if you fall into the black hole of thinking why the hell we exist and what’s the point, it is difficult to get out. Why the hell do we go through our days doing things and freaking out? It sounds basic, but people forget…tomorrow is a new day and when you die it all ends. Stress makes no sense.

My method of getting rid of stress is routine. Keeping up healthy old ones, and starting new ones.

I get up do my typical day and go to bed so it can all reset in the morning.

Some days are crazy and exciting and others are crazy and stressful. A routine sets an expectation and allows you to feel comfort.

No matter where I am in the world, my place or not…I need a coffee. That is how I start my day. Some times the coffee is good and sometimes it’s like dirty water. Either way, it is the action.

Picking up a warm mug, maybe adding some milk, sipping on it as long as possible until it is done. That is calming and that is why I cannot live without coffee.

I prefer espresso. Normal coffee only from Starbucks or a random cafe. Tim Hortons is gross. McDs is actually ok and a low key indulgence – double cream double sugar. So bad, but so good.

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Small Kitchen Food Staples

Small Kitchen Food Staples

Living in a basement apartment with minimal storage space for food forces you to evaluate what is necessary and what is not.

Non negotiable needs in any kitchen...

  • Fats - butter and oil
  • Salt + Pepper
  • Milk (dairy or non, w.e you need)

The following are my kitchen, fridge and baking essentials.


Pantry essentials include always pasta, rice, dried beans, and some sort of tomato item (canned crushed tomatoes, tomato paste or tomato puree). These items allow me to create basic meals. I have a collection of random pastas and dried beans. That I take constant inventory of prior to going weekly grocery shopping. These are the basis of a meal and inspire creation.


Broth base, yeast and olives. My bouillon needs to be refrigerated.  Yeast because I love to make pizza and quick breads like cinnamon buns. Olives because they can go into and on anything and make that thing so much better.


My baking essentials include some sort of chocolate, vanilla extract, sugars and flour. Chocolate for cookies or loaves. Brown and white sugar. My flour situation currently is focusing on whole wheat (just to make things healthier) and using less white flour. My collection of baking spices reflect the typical mix for pumpkin spice, fall flavors. Normal people who bake rarely could pass with just cinnamon, but those special spices are necessities to me.