How to be Pretty | Self Love Vibes

How to be Pretty | Self Love Vibes

you need to love yourself, before you love someone else

Do I love myself? Some times. Not all the time. There is all this talk about self love and why it is so important. I have realized in my relationships, when I love myself less, I project a negative energy that leads to arguments and insecurities I do not normally have. I am beautiful, but when I do not feel confident – I have no beauty. Why should I not have confidence? Stupid things like a pimple or a runny nose or bloatedness from PMSing. But, those things are temporary! No one can give you confidence, and you cannot learn how to be confident. It is a choice and we can all be confident if we choose.

what does it mean to be pretty?

I believe confidence = pretty. Confidence demands respect and draws success towards you. To have confidence, to demand attention in a graceful manner when you enter the room. To exude the ‘I have my sh*t together and I know what I am doing’ vibe.

how to be pretty

Think about the things you do to make yourself feel pretty. Focus on the ideas of self love. Is it putting on make up? Who gives a crap if this is materialistic and a societal norm. You enjoy the routine. I do. Putting on the layers and looking at your masterpiece. Make up enhances! So if that is where you get your pretty from, rock it! And do not cheat yourself by not doing it!

fake it ’till you make it

So maybe you have no idea what you are doing. You are in school and unsure how a certain concept works or at a new job doing a new task and unsure how to pull it off. Who cares? Did you do the things you need to do for yourself to make yourself feel confident? Yes – well then you are number 1. People will notice your confidence and believe in you, that positive energy will help you to push to do better and better. People will come to you for advice and help, because you look like you have your sh*t together!

That feeling is the bet. I get a high from it. I am so addicted to this feeling of having my life together. And you should be too! Why not? Millennials are lazy, few things motivate us, this is a source of motivation.

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Financial Podcasts | Educate Yourself

Financial Podcasts | Educate Yourself

Financial podcasts I discovered to help me and now I want to share them to help you! Growing up consists of learning how to make and deal with money. Figuring out how to survive while enjoying. Money management is difficult to learn. I found ways to educate myself about money. Listening to other people like me, share stories and advice helps provide comfort in the unknown of growing up and learning lessons. We are all thrown into this world with not all the answers and it takes regrets to learn.

4 Financial Podcasts to Download RN

Mo’ Money Podcast

Jessica Moorhouse, a millennial sharing tips and tricks how to manage money.  Easy to follow and entertaining.

Having launched in June 2015, it has grown to become the go-to money podcast for people who want to learn more about budgeting, saving, debt repayment, investing, side hustles and entrepreneurship. (source)

Check out her website here where you can find all her podcasts and blog that reflects the same topics,

Afford Anything

Paula Pant is focused on explaining how you can afford anything, but not everything. A fair amount of technical talk.

I don’t work in a cubicle and I never sit in rush-hour traffic. I live life exactly as I want. I’ll spend 4 hours hiking on a random Tuesday if the mood strikes. Or I’ll stay up all night writing blog posts. Or I’ll travel to Bali on a whim. (source)

Check out her website,

The His + Hers Money Show

A couple talking about how to manage money as a couple along with sharing success stories regarding how people paid off debt. Provides insight into situations to make you feel better, learn from and be successful too.

In this podcast, we equip you to find the balance between managing your money, you marriage and everything in between. (source)

Download the podcast on iTunes,

You Need A Budget

Quick, short podcasts. Each has an important lesson.

A weekly dose of just the right medicine to help you get out of debt, save more money, and beat the paycheck to paycheck cycle. (source)

Check out the lessons,

What I have learned from listening…

  • Comfort, other people have debt to deal with
  • Focus, determination and organization
  • Terminology + Options, free “courses” educating while travelling to work or back home

Like this? Check out these…

The Value of Money

Millennial Buying a Home



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3 Tips for Creating Content for Views and Shares

3 Tips for Creating Content for Views and Shares

good question

As a new blogger, this question is important for content creating. Once you have determined your niche and target market, the next step is to think of posts that will motivate others to share so you can grow as a blogger. In the following post I share my answer to the question, along with answers from other bloggers, and conclude with a summary of 3 tips for creating content for views and shares.

my answer

Aesthetically pleasing blogs, please. The layout and theme of your blog is reflective of you, the creator. Therefore, I am creating my own blog to be clean and organized. With this, I look for inspiration form other bloggers who have the same style. These are the ones I am willing to subscribe to and share with my social media followers.

what makes you read a blog post and share it?

The content and if I find it relevant to something that I am working on.

Alissa Koritsoglou

I think an effective title and how beautifully its post’s starting lines are written.

Er Amber Anand

If it’s relevant to me, or if it’s entertaining that I want me friends to see.

Karla Obispo

its all about adding value to the niche you specialize in . Noone can be everything for everyone, but if you are good at what you are passionate about, you can be “all that” for ENOUGH (readers) 

Vidar Halvorsen

The Content in the blog will pull me to read it..
Coming to think 💭 of y I would share the blog🙄 I guess I ll relate it to a consumer who buys a product, if that product satisfies him or exceeds his expectations then hill ll refer his circles to use it.. positive word of 👄 mouth.. in the same way if the blog am reading 📖 is informative, meets my expectations, am highly like to share that blog.
😊thinking out loud

Ibrahim Brian Binyamin

I’m more inclined to read something with a punchy title or picture that catches my attention. If it’s something I can relate to, or it’s funny and makes me laugh then I’ll often share it.

Rebecca Helen

Good causes

Wendy Stokes

If its related to my interests. Sometimes nice presentation also helps to interests me to read.

Shillpa Gajendra Panndeshwar

tips for creating content for views and shares

  • Focus on your niche
  • Attention grabbing
  • Aesthetically pleasing



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