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Why you should stop saying sorry


I am learning how to stop saying I am sorry. Sick of having the automatic response in all moments where I feel slightly bad for the person or people involved in my choices.

it means nothing

Think about it, even when you have no control over the situation you end up saying sorry. Like at work, where it is not your fault you don’t have something and say the word when it is not even your responsibility to make sure you have it! Why are you apologizing then? The statement is such a meaningless impulse. We say it just because we know it is polite – but how often do we actually mean it? In my opinion, saying the word makes it obvious you are guilty. Taking responsibility. Admitting you had control in the outcome. Do you? If so, is it necessary to waste time saying sorry? Probably better to use the energy to fix the problem.

actions speak louder than words


…but, I am sorry!

When is it ok to say it? When you genuinely mean it! . When it is 100% your fault for messing up and are ready to follow with the actions necessary to make up for your mess. Never say sorry for something you have been wanting to do or say. You are an adult and can make your own decisions. The word is for the chain of events following your decisions.

So yes, I may slip up and say sorry when I do not mean it because I have been programmed to do so. However, I am going to make a conscious effort to save my sorry’s for times when I genuinely mean it. If someone decides to read this and you can relate – try it! Using actions to apologize rather than saying a word. See what happens…


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What You Think


What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create. – Buddha

This is that moment you think…I knew this was going to happen. You thought, felt and imagined your reality. Whatever is in your mind controls your actions, obviously you are always choosing, but you are bias to your inner dialogue.

Lets dissect the Buddha quote.

…what you think…you become…

Keep affirming negative and get negative. Keep affirming positive and get positive. Simple. But, how do you control your thoughts? -easiest way- surround yourself with all the good. Figure out what you need, pull it into your life and hold it tight. Gather the good and throw out the bad.

…what you feel…you attract…

What makes you feel shitty? Know it, remember it, and avoid it! Feel fat, eat more, feel tired, sit around. Eat healthy, feel healthy, workout, feel amazing, love yourself, feel like the best version of yourself. Feel good! No matter what ailment – emotional or physical – find a way to appreciate your body and mind + treat it with the most respect.

…what you imagine…you create…

Day dreaming is for adults too! Where do you escape in your mind. As you go through your day, you have your escapes – oh, I wish I had a better/nicer job/car/place. Think of the details and visualize. Focus on that, focus on how good your escape feels and how much better it will feel when it is your reality.

I’ve spent my 23 years realizing this is true, always promising myself and to stay positive, but breaking down when times get rough. Those negative thoughts suffocate the good and have lead me to my new reality…my lowest low.

Time to bounce back.

Time to restart and send out the positive vibes to attract the positive. Excited and nervous. Nervous because I am so used to the negative, it is going to hard to accept the amazingness that I know is to come and I deserve.

Wish me luck…


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