What is a bullet journal?

What is a bullet journal?

Scrolling through Pinterest, I came across something called a Bullet Journal. Continuing with my research, I realized this was a fad a while ago – but really who cares, because Diana just discovered it now so in her mind it is something that is a fad now.

Bullet journal was trending on Pinterest. So naturally I was like wtf is a bullet journal?

The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less.

This is pretty funky and extremely fitting for all of us who want to pretend to be organized for a few weeks making new 2018 before we get bored and go back into our 2017 habits.

from what I understand

  • you organize using bullet points
  • the fact that this is a mind blowing idea is mind blowing
  • because you are basically making a list
  • organized by bullet points
  • so? isn’t that like reinventing the wheel?

Now, this is supposed to be something you carry with you AND physically write out – no digital notes here!

The kinds of bullets = different categories of what needs to be done…it is literally almost that agenda you would get for free in school and would only use if your teacher checked to make sure you were logging your homework so your parents could creep and see you actually have things to do aside from passing out in front of the TV.

BUT this thing is fully customization and that is probably why it is such a popular thing to do/use/follow…

The funnest things to buy/do are customizable (<do not think that is a word) because in this world where we all act/dress the same it allows us to feel special.

ultimately, this seems like a way to decompress and reevaluate

When I was in university, I would procrastinate by creating things like this…using pretty colors and organizing.

I do like this idea because it is all about creating goals and focusing on what needs to be completed in the months, weeks, and days to come…perfect way to start off the year.

check out these posts to learn more…

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3 Bad Day Remedies

3 Bad Day Remedies

If you had a bad day…

When I have a crappy day, these are my 3 bad day remedies. First, I share my issues that put me in the crappy mood. Second, as I am talking I usually realize the positive side to the whole situation. Third, I do something that makes me happy. How do you deal with a bad day?

1. share your sh*tty experience

Venting is a universal comfort. Picking a random, unsuspecting person and sharing all your bad day vibes just feels good. Why? For the advice and/or sympathy they will give you. The more you vent, the faster you will [hopefully] realize the story is so minor, it is time to move on to the next tip…

Make sure you pick someone who will actually listen and not get annoyed with you, because that will just piss you off more.

2. flip it into something good – be positive

Everything happens for a reason. My mom sent me this quote awhile ago – I have no idea who said it, but – things are either a lesson or a blessing. The lesson teaches you and the blessing saves you. There is always a positive side! Train yourself to find it. So you got in trouble at work, now you know not to do that anymore. It is that simple. Your S/O broke up with you, their time in your life is over. Time for new and better things!

Will this matter 5 years from now?

Suggested Post: Be Positive

3. now it is time to move on – do something that makes you happy

I shared all the things that make me happy on a previous post (see it here). I cannot tell you to do the things I find joy in because you might find them annoying like baking or reality TV. So think about what truly allows you to escape and be happy doing so. Do it and move on. Tomorrow is a new day.

Fresh made chocolate chip cookies and the Princess Diaries do it for me.

Suggested Post: What makes me happy



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What makes me happy

What makes me happy

This is going to be the best year ever! Ah, the cliche is painful to even type, but why would I not want it to be? Why would you not want it to be? Every single moment should be better than the next – growing and learning.

my focus this year

What makes me happy? My goal is to figure out what truly pisses me off. Counteract those things with things that bring me joy and BAM I achieve my goal. So this is a post about all the things that bring me happiness. As a 23 year old, I have a lot of life to still live and I really do not want to grow up to be a crusty old lady that is pissed about everything. I want to be that chill old lady you look at as a role model because she is so cool.

i made a map of things that actually bring me joy

adventures/travel/road trips/escapes

Going somewhere new or far away is the perfect reset for my mind. Driving down new roads. Listening to random music. Trying new foods, stopping at sketchy gas stations…I found some goal wanderlust destinations for the winter time, check them out here (Winter Wanderlust).


My therapy. Literally if you know me, and I am in a bad mood – force me to make something.

fresh shave

The feeling of smooth legs. That is joy. Top that off with a loving scrub and new razor and this is the greatest escape.


Showing my love for the people I love and the people I love reciprocating the love. All the good happy vibes that come with it.

reality tv

Kardashians…The Bachelor…etc. Why – going back to that escape aspect I love. For the time you are watching these mindless shows, you escape for that time and relax. Otherwise, we are always focusing on the things we need to do!

surprises/receiving & giving

Some people don’t like surprises. I am not in that group. How to optimize the number of surprises in your life? Have no expectations!

tv after dinner

I associate success with this. Lets go back in time to my childhood having to do homework, while my parents would watch TV after dinner on the couch. Now, I am done school and actually have a grown up job so I get to experience this. Something so basic, but brings me a crazy amount of joy.


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The Value of Money

The Value of Money

Have you ever sold something for cash? This is how I have realized the real value of money.

Such a weird feeling!

You post something for x amount of dollars, sell it for x amount of dollars and now that thing becomes a stack of bills.

Example – selling a car

Think about the magnitude of selling a car. The car is done, you are over the problems and just want to get it off your hands so you sell. Then that car, the thing that has gotten you from A to B for hundreds of days is now gone, becomes cash. The cash gets divided into things you need to survive, including another car to replace that one.

you can afford anything, not everything

Placing a value on something is subjective. On a daily basis, you look at something and subconsciously calculate what you think it is worth. Then you learn the real cost once you are ready to buy and compare your guess to the actual amount. Is it worth it?

How long does it take YOU to make that money? That is the subjective value of money in your eyes.

Living on my own, without my parents to pay the bills, I have realized living minimally is not only the smart thing to do, but the thing that will allow me to achieve my goals.

Yes, buying new things is always fun. But, the price tag of groceries every week and adventures seems much more important.

I have come to the realization that I do not need hundreds of articles of clothing, or shoes or nick nacks to collect dust. I need the tools to make the food I enjoy eating (and of course the money for that food), money for bills and gas, and the ability to save for future adventures (including buying my own home).

this is not a ‘surviving’ budget, this is a ‘living how I want to live’ budget

Not everyone is going to have the same goals as me in regards to prioritizing money. What do you value the most in life? Having lots of things and name brands is great, but the pleasure ends as soon as that name brand becomes boring or the style is replaced with something new.

buying practical goods

practical = classic, economically responsible + considers the longevity of the good

My current way of life revolves around buying practical goods in all aspects of my life. Practical equals classic, economically responsible and considers the longevity of the good.

Enjoyed what I just shared? Pass it on…



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New Year | January Goals

New Year | January Goals

plan of attack = goals…how I am going to do something bigger and better than before.

January 2018

2 areas of goal making – personal and blog


  • maintain my happiness

Yes, maybe I have a problem with emotions and keeping positive – we need to work on that.

  • focus on all the good

There is so so much good in my life! Time to start being meaningful and thankful!

  • create recipes and impress myself with my skills

Recently, I have been experimenting and creating really yummy dishes – I need to keep focusing on my skills to make them better and maybe even start sharing my creations.


  • post at least one time a week

Why not? This can be my therapist, a way to escape this month!

  • engage with my target audience

I am a part of a bunch of groups, but I have definitely ghosted all them…

  • participate on social media (instagram and facebook)

Scrolling trough social media is the default for us, so why the hell am I not creating content to add to social media?

  • STOP changing this blog!

I have this problem where I get excited about posting, then get distracted by changing the theme and other parts of the blog page – wasting my time and not creating anything!


Please share + spread the goal setting vibes…




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Last Minute Gift Ideas

These gift ideas are legit and necessary for your stressed mind!

Christmas is here and you might not be doing buying stuff…so these are the things you can buy for people who you thought were not worth it enough to put more thought into their gift…

Good luck…if you like my brain thoughts – SHARE!

Alcohol (if they are of age and not an alcoholic)

Money (because gift cards are stupidly restrictive)

Supplies to make a cake/cupcakes (easy to do at Walmart – if they like baking…cake box, pan, frosting…)

Board Game (fun fun fun)

Subscription box (package the email confirmation slip)

Tickets to something (make sure they actually like the something)


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Being Thoughtful

how to be thoughtful

‘Oh, you are so thoughtful!’

That feels so good to be told! But, how do you achieve thoughtfulness?



The key aspect of being thoughtful is listening to someone you love and realize what they love.


Sometimes I literally write a note under their contact on my phone either saving something they said is happening in their life or something they would love as a gift.

do something about it

Be organized and act on the thing they love that you know you can make happen!


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Making a list and checking it twice…Relationship Goals

This post is all about love and searching for the S/O you want. Rom coms talk of these lists you make that literally dictate what you want in a person…this is how you can make your own list that is not crazy specific, but helps you stay true to yourself!

reflecting on the past

Past relationships shape the way you grow as a person. Unfortunately, we need to experience people treating us like crap to realize what crap really is. You have standards that no one can make you care about more than yourself – even though society says things like the dude should pay, if that doesn’t matter to you than it won’t fall into the crap pile. When something your current person does bothers you, point it out and think about whether you can deal or not! That person will never ever ever ever change! Not even if they love you – that sh*t is ingrained into their person so even if they say they will change and do it once, trust me they will bounce back to the same routine.

planning the future

Do you want those typical things like a family + kids? Or do you want to be that cool person in the family who has no kids, travels and has nice things? I don’t know – you figure it out. That is how you search! You have your list from reflecting on the past and then add the qualities necessary for you to achieve the future you have in mind. For example – I have no desire to have my own kids (that is me speaking as a 23 year old who only cares about herself) so the partner I need isn’t necessarily someone who wants kids/is good with kids. Of course, your wants and needs will change as you grow – so really this whole thing is just being true to yourself and following what feels right. If you want to travel and the prospective S/O hates travel – WTF are you still with him/her?

creating a game plan

How are you going to hunt for this magical S/O? My advice – DO NOT date anyone at school in your classes or at work! Go out your comfort zone or just calm yourself. Be open to love, but do not go crazy searching. I believe in soulmates (or at least things falling into place for a reason). Dating apps are interesting, you find winners and then actual gems where you go – ‘oh, you aren’t just here for that thing everyone else I have matched with is here for…’. That said, PATIENCE IS KEY! Download the apps, take pretty pictures of yourself and have fun conversing with people you are attracted to…even that helps with figuring out what you like and do not like!




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