Being Thoughtful

how to be thoughtful ‘Oh, you are so thoughtful!’ That feels so good to be told! But, how do you achieve thoughtfulness? LISTEN REMEMBER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT listen The key aspect of being thoughtful is listening to someone you love and realize what they love. remember Sometimes I literally write a note under their […]

Brand Goals

Business School Graduate I went to school for retail management. While at school I learned about building a brand. I started studying this concept 6 years ago! And I still have no idea how to be successful at this. Building (a kickass) Brand See I want to have my personality be my brand. Who I […]

Be Positive

I need to spread positive happy vibes! This time of year is just shitty and the only thing that keeps up my spirits are the traditions and memories. Otherwise winter = gloomy days, bad road conditions, minimal day time hours. Positive Vibes I try to be positive at all times. Some times that is impossible. […]

Winter Wanderlust

heat is nice, but Christmas time calls for snow My greatest Christmas time travel dream is to adventure through NYC during the season. The movies have sold me on New York City during Christmas. I wouldn’t mind travelling to snowy places either…The French Alps, Iceland, Slovenia and Prague are all beautiful places on my list […]