Indulging With No Guilt

In this post, I am going to talk about overeating, body image/acceptance, and listening to your body. And to fit in with the Christmas vibes right now, holiday eating + not regretting it before, during or after!


Do you ever get home and just have no self control? Like you are staving + eat everything in your path?

I do and have for a long time.

Long enough for me to come to terms with the whole situation.

I have justified these outbursts with my body needing more calories on that given day. Majority of my eating life I am able to stop. Eat enough to satiate and stop to not over eat. But, some days there are those moments when I need to have a bit of everything.

Do you do this?

Started when I was in high school – coming home from school and devouring the fridge and cupboard.

I would regret the hell out of this shortly after, actually even when I doing it some times.

Body Image

My body image is motivated by the time of the month. I may be crazy, but I feel like my body look different literally everyday. My tummy is more puffy some days and my face is skinnier some days…

It is healthy none the less, I have the ‘I look fat/feel fat’ days and the ‘I want to wear a bikini right now’ days like everyone.

Acceptance is key.

Love is key.

That is why when I come home and need to inhale a crap load of food, I do not feel bad.

Listen to Your Bod

My body needs more and I am going to take care of it. Our bodies need nutrients to keep it going. As a woman, I understand the rollercoaster ride our bodies go through with hormones and know our moods/hunger are based on such hormones. Hearing your tummy growl or feeling thirsty are the basic triggers you need to realize. After that, start exploring and documenting when you crave certain foods! Even google why you are craving such foods – usually it has to do with a deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral.

Holiday Eating

So it is Christmas time, for me that means get togethers and baking and eating more than the normal calorie intake. My POV? Enjoy! Do not regret eating all the yummy foods that come along with this time of year. Why? Because they are mostly only around this time of year! So indulge – love life and your body.

There is no reason to say no to a homemade cookie…

(unless your are allergic to an ingredient – duh).



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