Creating Alone Time

Find your space, gather the things that make you happy, relax. Growing up forces you to go through things that lead to extra stress. Whatever it is and where ever you live, realize you need to find the time and create the space for you to decompress and refresh.


Pick the space you love and feel most calm in. Whether that be your bed or the bath tub, think about where you are able to decompress the most. And literally set a date for yourself to enjoy yourself. It is that whole self love vibe.

Why do we do things for other people and neglect ourselves?


Basic things create that calm space. Candles. No matter what you need candles or some sort of pretty twinkly lights. Look at these inspiration pictures to figure out what you need to gather to create that space for your alone time.

[all images were found on tumblr + posted to my personal tumblr]


Now, actually do it. Run the bath, crawl into your bed...and enjoy alone time. Time where you do not think about the stresses of life. Forget about the things you need to do next, and just do nothing. If you cannot think about nothing, think about all the good things happening in your life.

Say some affirmations as you zone out...

  • I am worthy of love.
  • I am successful.
  • I am centered, peaceful and grounded.
  • I love and treasure my body.

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