Geode Obsession

Geode Design Inspiration

Cakes, home decor, and DIY projects are a popular topic in the world of design right now. The obsession stems from the organic beauty these pieces showcase.


Geode cakes started my interest. The creation of sugar crystals to mimic the natural phenomenon is a project I would love to attempt. I was watching a cake making show on TV where the baker created sugar crystals. She used water, sugar and wooden rods. The baker was able to create sugar crystals like those sugar crystal lollipops you get at amusement parks. With that, she proceeded to take the crystals and form them on a cake where she had cut out the shape of a natural geode. The creativity and end product was amazing. The entire procedure was much more complicated than my description, but at least you have a basic idea how they achieve these cakes…

Home Decor

Geodes have taken over home decor and design.

Classic Bohemian

My personal style is classic bohemian. I want pieces in my space that will last a life time. Geode’s bring eclectic vibe into a space. The variety of colours you can discover, allows for how loud you want the piece to be within the space.


Take on a DIY project yourself! Use these posts as inspiration for you to create.



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