New Year | January Goals

plan of attack = goals…how I am going to do something bigger and better than before.

January 2018

2 areas of goal making – personal and blog


  • maintain my happiness

Yes, maybe I have a problem with emotions and keeping positive – we need to work on that.

  • focus on all the good

There is so so much good in my life! Time to start being meaningful and thankful!

  • create recipes and impress myself with my skills

Recently, I have been experimenting and creating really yummy dishes – I need to keep focusing on my skills to make them better and maybe even start sharing my creations.


  • post at least one time a week

Why not? This can be my therapist, a way to escape this month!

  • engage with my target audience

I am a part of a bunch of groups, but I have definitely ghosted all them…

  • participate on social media (instagram and facebook)

Scrolling trough social media is the default for us, so why the hell am I not creating content to add to social media?

  • STOP changing this blog!

I have this problem where I get excited about posting, then get distracted by changing the theme and other parts of the blog page – wasting my time and not creating anything!


Please share + spread the goal setting vibes…




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