Regrets and Money

Is it better to live with regrets and FOMO or a healthy bank account and no memories?

Think about how you live. It is either the eff it, YOLO when you are making decisions or it is the Mr. Krabs - I smell my money being spent vibe.


Popular song with a basic, but important message. The mindset we want to have always. Live like Drake, buy w.e and do w.e because we only live once so why waste it on worry? This is the impulsive side where we book that trip, buy the shoes and splurge on the most expensive dish on the menu. Bank account is suffering, but your social life and overall happiness is healthy.

Mr. Krabs

Remember Spongebob? Mr. Krabs was the owner of the Krusty Krab and he loved money. The 'Mr. Krabs' mindset loves money and will hoard it just in case. This is the hermit side where we stay at home, alone. Bank account is healthy, but your social life and overall happiness is not.


What is better?

Maybe it comes down to a healthy balance. You know like the one you need to learn when it comes to cookies vs. veggies. We do, only live once. So is it better to have FOMO and regrets in missing out or debt and regrets in going too far?

Every stage of our lives will be categorized by the amount of fun and adventures we go on, the status of our love lives and the careers we are working on.

The level of abundance in all the areas will vary as we age.

I am 23, turning 24 this year. Looking forward to the next decade of my life, I have created a list of 30 things I want to do before I am 30. In the past year, I have learned the value of money and choice of when/where to spend. Understanding, I can afford anything, not everything. Some months, money is spent on my car. Some months, I feel the need to splurge and buy some new clothes. Every month I need to have some spending money for pampering myself.

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