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Routine: Creating Healthy Habits


You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.

Currently I am analyzing my ‘in a relationship’ daily routine made me realize what was healthy versus unhealthy.


The relationship ended because it was not healthy. The point of finding a life partner revolves around someone who builds you up, accepts who you are and is willing to be support you.  They should not be bringing you down and causing unnecessary stress. My old daily routine consisted of maybe 90% time and brain power spent on my ex S/O. I focused on making life as easy as possible for the two of us, hoping for a forever.

The weirdest feeling is going from neglecting my needs and wants, to having all the time in the world to focus on my needs and wants.

what makes me happy?

what do i love to do?

Slowly I am remembering what I love to do and what makes me happy. Creating a routine to occupy my time and force myself to maintain myself and my space. It is so easy to get depressed and lazy following a break up. The way I am avoiding this black hole is by creating schedules and plans to keep myself going.

There is no reason for myself or you for that matter to take a low point of your life (a break up) and make it lower by getting depressed. Go through the emotions and then get up! Why does that person deserve to see your demise. Revenge or not, you deserve to feel amazing and become a better you!

creating healthy habits

I divide my life into these categories:

  • Home
  • Body
  • Relationships
  • ME!


Thinking about what chores you have to do. Having a clean space is something I need to schedule into my life. The dishes pile up and the table gets covered with random papers and the bed is never made. None of these sights bring joy to my life and honestly are going to be the hardest bad habits to break. I plan on scheduling my chores starting now. Adapting the habit of making my bed is a routine that makes me happy.


Thinking about what makes you feel healthy. Now I can buy only the food I want to eat, so if I want to be unhealthy I can and if I want to be healthy I can. No temptation. Buying whole foods and home cooking make me feel healthy.


Thinking about the relationships you neglected while being in a romantic relationship. Friendships and family are pushed to the side. It is sad, but you fall in love with a new person and forget about the ones you have already been in love with. Those are the constants and those are the ones you need to show your love to again. Setting up dates with my best friends and spending time with my family more is a routine that makes me happy.


Thinking about what makes you feel like your best self. For myself, I like doing my make up. Not Kardashian crazy, but just emphasizing my features. When I get to look in the mirror with a make up face, I feel like I can take on the world. Making sure I do my make up before I leave the house is a routine that makes me happy.



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