1 Thing I Cannot Live Without

1 Thing I Cannot Live Without


Why? Because of what it represents.


A routine allows you to feel ok. To justify life and why we exist. Because if you fall into the black hole of thinking why the hell we exist and what’s the point, it is difficult to get out. Why the hell do we go through our days doing things and freaking out? It sounds basic, but people forget…tomorrow is a new day and when you die it all ends. Stress makes no sense.

My method of getting rid of stress is routine. Keeping up healthy old ones, and starting new ones.

I get up do my typical day and go to bed so it can all reset in the morning.

Some days are crazy and exciting and others are crazy and stressful. A routine sets an expectation and allows you to feel comfort.

No matter where I am in the world, my place or not…I need a coffee. That is how I start my day. Some times the coffee is good and sometimes it’s like dirty water. Either way, it is the action.

Picking up a warm mug, maybe adding some milk, sipping on it as long as possible until it is done. That is calming and that is why I cannot live without coffee.

I prefer espresso. Normal coffee only from Starbucks or a random cafe. Tim Hortons is gross. McDs is actually ok and a low key indulgence – double cream double sugar. So bad, but so good.

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