Small Kitchen Food Staples

Small Kitchen Food Staples

Living in a basement apartment with minimal storage space for food forces you to evaluate what is necessary and what is not.

Non negotiable needs in any kitchen...

  • Fats - butter and oil
  • Salt + Pepper
  • Milk (dairy or non, w.e you need)

The following are my kitchen, fridge and baking essentials.


Pantry essentials include always pasta, rice, dried beans, and some sort of tomato item (canned crushed tomatoes, tomato paste or tomato puree). These items allow me to create basic meals. I have a collection of random pastas and dried beans. That I take constant inventory of prior to going weekly grocery shopping. These are the basis of a meal and inspire creation.


Broth base, yeast and olives. My bouillon needs to be refrigerated.  Yeast because I love to make pizza and quick breads like cinnamon buns. Olives because they can go into and on anything and make that thing so much better.


My baking essentials include some sort of chocolate, vanilla extract, sugars and flour. Chocolate for cookies or loaves. Brown and white sugar. My flour situation currently is focusing on whole wheat (just to make things healthier) and using less white flour. My collection of baking spices reflect the typical mix for pumpkin spice, fall flavors. Normal people who bake rarely could pass with just cinnamon, but those special spices are necessities to me.

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