Regrets and Money

Is it better to live with regrets and FOMO or a healthy bank account and no memories?

Think about how you live. It is either the eff it, YOLO when you are making decisions or it is the Mr. Krabs - I smell my money being spent vibe.


Popular song with a basic, but important message. The mindset we want to have always. Live like Drake, buy w.e and do w.e because we only live once so why waste it on worry? This is the impulsive side where we book that trip, buy the shoes and splurge on the most expensive dish on the menu. Bank account is suffering, but your social life and overall happiness is healthy.

Mr. Krabs

Remember Spongebob? Mr. Krabs was the owner of the Krusty Krab and he loved money. The 'Mr. Krabs' mindset loves money and will hoard it just in case. This is the hermit side where we stay at home, alone. Bank account is healthy, but your social life and overall happiness is not.


What is better?

Maybe it comes down to a healthy balance. You know like the one you need to learn when it comes to cookies vs. veggies. We do, only live once. So is it better to have FOMO and regrets in missing out or debt and regrets in going too far?

Every stage of our lives will be categorized by the amount of fun and adventures we go on, the status of our love lives and the careers we are working on.

The level of abundance in all the areas will vary as we age.

I am 23, turning 24 this year. Looking forward to the next decade of my life, I have created a list of 30 things I want to do before I am 30. In the past year, I have learned the value of money and choice of when/where to spend. Understanding, I can afford anything, not everything. Some months, money is spent on my car. Some months, I feel the need to splurge and buy some new clothes. Every month I need to have some spending money for pampering myself.

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I never ever thought about budgeting in my entire life. Why the new obsession? I moved out, spent more than was in the bank and now we are hear (#longstoryshort). Retrospect, would have been nice if someone told me how to budget and handle fluctuations in income. Now, things can be worse, but this is the worst I have had to deal with soooooo…

Honestly, the anxiety attached to debt is really crippling and affects my mental health. I doubt I am the only one dealing with this right now. I am going to post something about my detailed experience with debt because it is a journey that seems never ending. The positive? My obsession with money and  budgeting and learning. Randomly, I have found a passion in finances and all the subcategories that come along with it. Now, I am focused on educating myself about savings and budgets and making money.

So let me share what I have learned about budgeting…


a budget is “an estimate of income and expenditure for a set period of time” (source).

My Definition

a budget is understanding what you have and what you need to spend, then allocating the remaining

Educate yourself…


Podcasts are literally finding “professors” that are passionate about the category they are choosing to speak about! These are episodes that revolve around budgeting. Motivational and educational, perfect.



I did major Pinterest searches regarding finances and budgeting, these are my favorite visuals that have helped me plan out my financial life.

What I have learned…


What I have started doing…

I am naturally frugal. Since making my own money and spending it, I hold back on certain things that other people would indulge in without thinking.

How you can start budgeting…

  1. How much do you make? $$$
  2. How much are your monthly expenses? Rent, car, insurance, phone, groceries, gas, etc.
  3. How much can you lower your expenses? Call your insurance or phone people and ask for a cheaper plan, search for a cheaper place to live, live closer to work = less gas $, plan groceries to focus on needs over wants
  4. How much do you spend on random things that are unnecessary for survival? Be honest!
  5. How much debt are you in? Kill that first by putting the money you are randomly spending towards it instead…
  6. What would you like to do in your financial future? Buy a home? Travel? 
  7. How much do you need to save to achieve that goal? Estimate or literally look up the exact amount to focus on…
  8. Put all this info into an excel sheet and have as frequent check ins as necessary for you to keep up and be productive!

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What Not To Do When Buying A Car | My POV

I bought my first car last year (November 2016).

To preface this story, I was clueless and like many first car buyers made stupid decisions.

My parents had a Subaru Crosstrek, I fell in love and bought a Subaru Impreza. USED! I have no regrets on the car. My commute is about 25-30 minutes going and coming, therefore I am travelling for more than an hour a day! I could not imagine a crappy old used car.

Things I neglected to consider prior signing off on the car:

  • My reality
  • Picking a financially smart option
  • Researching,


I just moved out, had a shit load of expenses and needed to get to work. Instead of looking at what I really had to spend in the bank, I assumed you just had to get a car loan. Due to my long commute everyday, I needed a reliable car that I enjoyed to be in (because I actually like driving).

How to realize your reality

  • What can I afford? Look at expenses and see what you have leftover and how much you are willing to spend on a car
  • Imagine life after contract (biweekly payments coming out of your account + insurance)


The bank is going to approve you using some algorithm. Naive person thinks that if they are approved = they can afford. WRONG. My income is less than $40k and my car loan is more than half that, explain how one can live and pay off the car in a timely manner. They can’t!

What is financially smart for you?

  • USED (2nd hand is always cheaper and as long as the car drives + you are comfy = good)
  • SAVE (walk in and put the money down to avoid the payments and interest and other crap)


I got extra warranty. Why? Because I did not think and just signed. At the moment, I am approaching the KM# that will kill my warranty I am paying for another 4 years. Honest to god, I should have slept on it and literally Googled warranty for my car in particular to see what I could expect (as far as issues and if it is worth it).

I regret getting extended warranty on my car…

  • How many KMs till it ends (if you drive a lot, this is going to happen sooner than a normal person)
  • What it covers VS if the automobile is known to have those issues (and at what point of the car life does it start having those issues)
  • The cost for you (on top of the actual car and other stupid fees) – cause in reality you can put aside that money as your back up car fund just in case

Based on those things to think about, I made a stupid decision.

Reality, now that I have had the car for a year…

Maintenance is annoying. So far I have completed an oil change and major service totaling over $1000. Due to the fact I purchased warranty, I cannot have any random person (ie a cheaper garage) work on it as that will void warranty.

Gas is ok. I get about 500 km per tank, a tank is usually $60 and I’m filling up at least one time a week (depending on how many adventures I am going on).

That is all I wanted to say…Helpful? Share!

Need motivation?


How I stay motivated


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