Social Media Detox

Social Media Detox

what brings me joy?

This is the question I have started asking myself to detox all aspects of my life to prepare for a more productive future.

not all social media is toxic

You control who you follow and what you see. Therefore, you can make social media as clean and positive or dirty and negative as you want! We scroll through our feeds like we are being paid, but do we really realize what we are consuming?

inactivate or delete, and see what happens next

When detoxing your body in regards to food, you stop eating something you think is bad for you. Like gluten. Then you reintroduce the item into your diet and see how your bod reacts. Do you get a tummy ache or feel normal? Well, this is how you detox from social media. I looked at all the apps that I have…


Thought about the BS I follow and expose myself to.

Snapchat brings me no joy. Not even the random Khloe in Cleveland posts.

Instagram brings me joy – memes and food porn. What is something of a struggle are the Instagram models that as a normal shaped girl, it is easy to get lost in comparison. Check out this post by the blog Coming Up Roses – HOW TO BEAT THE COMPARISON GAME ON INSTAGRAM

Tumblr brings me joy because I am basic and I like to get inspired by #tumblrvibes. Of course there is some dark, negative stuff on there – but I make it a point to not follow that.

Facebook brings me no joy. I have it just because. No personal posts to keep my family and friends updated with my life, no stupid shared articles that I think my friends will enjoy…just for the facebook page I am running for this blog.

Pinterest brings me so much joy! Recipes, home decor, quotes, wanderlust inspiration…I can get sucked in for hours and not regret a moment.


No more Snapchat for Diana. Facebook just for blog use. Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest are my indulgences. These social media sites bring me joy. My next step is to cleanse who I am following on each app. Clean up the toxic accounts that appear on my feeds and keep it strictly postivity and good vibes.


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