What makes me happy

This is going to be the best year ever! Ah, the cliche is painful to even type, but why would I not want it to be? Why would you not want it to be? Every single moment should be better than the next – growing and learning.

my focus this year

What makes me happy? My goal is to figure out what truly pisses me off. Counteract those things with things that bring me joy and BAM I achieve my goal. So this is a post about all the things that bring me happiness. As a 23 year old, I have a lot of life to still live and I really do not want to grow up to be a crusty old lady that is pissed about everything. I want to be that chill old lady you look at as a role model because she is so cool.

i made a map of things that actually bring me joy

adventures/travel/road trips/escapes

Going somewhere new or far away is the perfect reset for my mind. Driving down new roads. Listening to random music. Trying new foods, stopping at sketchy gas stations…I found some goal wanderlust destinations for the winter time, check them out here (Winter Wanderlust).


My therapy. Literally if you know me, and I am in a bad mood – force me to make something.

fresh shave

The feeling of smooth legs. That is joy. Top that off with a loving scrub and new razor and this is the greatest escape.


Showing my love for the people I love and the people I love reciprocating the love. All the good happy vibes that come with it.

reality tv

Kardashians…The Bachelor…etc. Why – going back to that escape aspect I love. For the time you are watching these mindless shows, you escape for that time and relax. Otherwise, we are always focusing on the things we need to do!

surprises/receiving & giving

Some people don’t like surprises. I am not in that group. How to optimize the number of surprises in your life? Have no expectations!

tv after dinner

I associate success with this. Lets go back in time to my childhood having to do homework, while my parents would watch TV after dinner on the couch. Now, I am done school and actually have a grown up job so I get to experience this. Something so basic, but brings me a crazy amount of joy.


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